Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Last Sunday, the visiting priest at my parish said something simple yet profound that changed the way I look at my life. He said that Jesus lives outside of our comfort zone and if we want to follow Him, we have to leave the safety net we've created for ourselves. As a comfort zone lover and… Continue reading Don’t Get Too Comfortable


Stop Trying to Be Perfect

I have a dangerous obsession with self-improvement. My go-to reading material is self-help books and articles that teach me how to eat better, pray better, feel better, and live better. I'm on a constant quest to be my best self, and while that's important for personal growth and achievement, it has never allowed me to… Continue reading Stop Trying to Be Perfect

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You’re Not Wasting Your Best Years

I have a lot of existential crises--like, way too many. My most recent emotionally-charged mental breakdown was triggered when I saw the new sequel to "Mamma Mia!" this past weekend. I'm not even kidding. Mamma Mia, guys. In between jamming out to my all-time favorite ABBA songs (best feel-good music in the history of ever),… Continue reading You’re Not Wasting Your Best Years

Single Life and Dating

Coffee Dates with Jesus

Every time I heard the phrase "dating Jesus," I would die a little inside, cringing with discomfort as my mind flashed back to outdated Confirmation retreat videos where turtle-necked women with feathered hair realized the mysterious stranger across from them at the dinner table was actually the risen Lord. Yikes. Dating Jesus? Is that even allowed? Well… Continue reading Coffee Dates with Jesus

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Let Your Light Shine

The end of every campus ministry retreat at my college is the same: everyone who attended and facilitated the retreat sits in a big circle in a dimly lit room and each person takes a turn sharing about the graces they received during the retreat and then lighting a candle. This may sound like a… Continue reading Let Your Light Shine


Am I Made for Greatness?

I’ve always harbored this feeling deep in my soul that I was made to do something great with this life of mine. I have no idea what this "great thing" might be--heck, I have no idea what I want to eat for breakfast--but I can't shake this insatiable craving to make an impact. Eager to… Continue reading Am I Made for Greatness?

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Finding God in the Silence

I am a person who gets bored easily--with clothes, coffee flavors, people & places, stages of my life. I leave rooms too soon when nothing interesting is happening instead of waiting out the quiet for a shared moment to emerge. I flip channels like a cheetah and throw half-read books back on the shelf without… Continue reading Finding God in the Silence